Mineral Wool

Fiberglas Insulation Pipe is molded of heavy density resin bonded inorganic glass fibers that come in one-piece, 36″ (914mm) long, hinged sections. Sections can be order as factory applied SSL II® with ASJ Max, or as unjacketed No-Wrap.

Fiberglass™ Pipe Insulation

Minwool-1200® Pipe

MinWool-1200 Pipe is a water repellent, mandrel-wound mineral wool pipe insulation with a thermosetting resin binder designed for piping and acoustical applications from 0°F (-18°C) up to 1200°F (650°C).


Water Resistant:

MinWool-1200 Pipe is water repellent to help mitigate the risk of water intrusion. MinWool 1200 Pipe performs in accordance with BS EN 13472, absorbing less than 0.35kg/m2 of water during water absorption tests at temperatures up to 425°F (218°C).

Acoustical Performance:

MinWool-1200 Pipe insulation meets and exceeds ISO 15665 criteria for classes A3, B3, C3, and D3 (Shell Dep Spec. No 31).

Thermal Performance:

Good thermal conductivity values help minimize and control heat loss, contributing to reduced operating costs and greater energy savings. High dimensional stability and low shrinkage reduce the potential for gaps forming at joints.

Light Weight & Low Dust:

Easy to handle and fabricate, MinWool-1200 Pipe is easy to cut with a knife. Clean handling properties help reduce irritation and minimize job clean-up time and expense.

Low Smoke & Flame Spread:

MinWool-1200 Pipe has a flame spread rating of 0 and a smoke developed rating of 0 when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 and UL 723.


MinWool-1200 Pipe is rated as non-combustible in accordance with ISO 1182.


MinWool-1200 Pipe Insulation provides excellent thermal insulation performance for mechanical/power and process piping systems operating from 0°F (-18°C) to 1200°F(650°C). This molded pipe insulation is easily fabricated, cutting cleanly and easily with a knife. Very low inservice shrinkage helps prevent gaps from forming at joints, preventing costly thermal leaks.

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